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Confidential filings and documents
Can I see confidential filings and documents?
You can see only the details of a filing if the company or TDI marked it available for public access.

Your search results will not show:
Filings that a company marked confidential.

Certain documents within a filing marked confidential, even if you can see other parts of the filing. Your search results will list only documents not marked confidential.

How do I know if a filing includes confidential information?
When you open a filing, look in the Supporting Documentation section for this question, "Does this filing contain confidential information?" The company's response will let you know whether the filing is marked confidential or has certain documents marked confidential.
If you can't find a filing or document through the Filing Access System at, or want copies of documents or filings that are marked confidential, you may submit an open records request at You may also contact the filing company, the company contact, or the organization to obtain a copy of the form or document.

Copyright notices

We can't provide a hardcopy of pages with a copyright notice (). If you need a hardcopy, you must ask the person or organization that filed the information.
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SERFF system and filing requirements
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