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The Tennessee Department of Commerce and Insurance has certain insurance company rate and form filings which are available for public review. To make these filings accessible to interested parties via the Internet, the Department is utilizing the NAIC System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing Access (SFA) interface.

Alternatively, you may review the public company filings by contacting our offices at (615) 741-2825 or email and making an appointment. The Department makes available a public kiosk that you may use to review insurance company filings during normal business hours. (Tip: Most people bring a USB drive with them to save copies of public filings from the public kiosk as this is a way to avoid the costs associated with printing filings.*)

*Please note that there is a cost associated with printing filings of 50 cents per page when using the Department's public kiosk. Saving and/or printing filings via SFA is free of cost.
If you need assistance finding a filing or public access questions, please contact our office directly (615) 741-5074 and we will provide you with the assistance needed. We are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours.
If you are experiencing technical difficulties with the SERFF system or problems accessing the SERFF alternative remote access website, please direct your questions to the SERFF Help Desk at (816) 783-8990 or email The Insurance Division cannot help with computer systems issues or technical issues related to SERFF. The SERFF Help Desk is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. If a Customer Support Analyst is not available, please leave a message with the SERFF Help Desk. Your call or email will be returned the next business day by SERFF staff.
SERFF Filing Access Help Desk
(816) 783-8500
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