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The Office of Insurance Rates and Forms of the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services (DIFS) collects, generates and maintains various records related to the business of insurance pursuant to the Michigan Insurance Code of 1956, Public Act 218. All insurance filings (rates, forms and rules) filed electronically via SERFF with DIFS are now available to the public via the SERFF Filing Access (SFA) website.
In an effort to make these records more easily available to the public, all rate, form and rule filings are available for inspecting and downloading at no cost through this website. If you do not locate information you seek, you may submit a Freedom of Information Request to Please be advised that there may be a charge for records provided directly by DIFS.

Please note that if you are reviewing a filing that does not have a final disposition (approved, disapproved, filed, etc.), portions of the filing may be subject to change due to additional review by DIFS. Therefore, you may wish to check this link again for the final disposition status. Additionally, in some situations changes may be made after a final disposition is issued.
For Life and Health Filings:
Rachel Schumaker: 517-284-8715
Stephanie Francis: 517-284-8692

For Property and Casualty Filings:
Curt Wallace: 517-284-8716
Tina Nacy: 517-284-8709

If you are experiencing technical difficulties or problems accessing the site, please contact the SERFF Help Desk at (816) 783-8990 or via e-mail at The SERFF Help Desk is staffed Monday thru Friday from 8:00am to 5:00pm CST. If a Customer Support Analyst is not available, please leave a message. Your call or email will be returned the next business day.
SERFF Filing Access Help Desk
(816) 783-8500
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